Special Award Category “Fintech Innovation”

Special Award Category “Fintech Innovation

UBL is partnering with P@SHA ICT Awards 2017 to add a Special Award Category of ‘Fintech Innovation”. The winner of this category will get a cash prize of PKR 500,000/- and a chance to work with UBL to strengthen their solution. This category seeks applicants who are working on innovative solutions that enhance the experience of banking customers, grow access of banking products or improve internal processes of financial institutions for better serving their customer demands.

The three categories that we are accepting nominations for are:

Best Fintech of the Year:

This is an exciting time to be innovating in the Fintech space, where penetration of smartphones, product digitization and entrance of creative players has developed a competitive landscape for financial innovation. This category invites applicants that have successfully developed Fintech applications, utilizing advanced technologies of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and/or robotics. Applications in the financial services industry may range from commercial trading to customer service solutions.

Payments Innovation for accessing formal Banking Products:

More than a third of the world’s adult population does not utilize formal banking services. There has been significant success in increasing the access of financial services to the unbanked. However converting these customers into formal banking customers that can access, for example structured credit products, remains a challenge. Applicants in this category are expected to demonstrate innovations in payments services that eventually convert customers into formal banking customers.

Data Analytics Innovation for the Financial Sector:

In the modern economy, each customer becomes a segment and understanding their specific needs intelligently allows enterprises to customize relevant propositions on the go. By driving relevance through data analytics, financial institutions can quickly develop and match products for their target customers and in turn maximize the life-cycle value generated. This category welcomes applicants who have successfully showcased innovative solutions that enhance the financial industry’s capabilities to automate customer intelligence and proposition delivery, while ensuring speed to market.


If you feel you have a product or service which matches any of the above descriptions please apply by downloading the application form available here and send in your nomination at awards@pasha.org.pk by 10th October 2017

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