Special Award Category “Innovation in Fintech” sponsored by UBL

Special Award Category “Innovation in Fintech” sponsored by UBL

We are excited to add a new category sponsored by UBL for the P@SHA ICT Awards 2016, by the name of “Innovation in Fintech”. The winner of this category will get a special award and a chance to work with the UBL team to strengthen their solution. This category is for innovative solutions that impact the overall experience of banking customers as well as help financial organizations improve internal processes to meet expectations and demands.  As such, we welcome submissions that might fit in any of the following three areas:


With improvements on the digital security front at the consumer and enterprise level, new in kind payment technologies are being introduced on an increasingly regular basis.  These solutions have been backed by both banking as well as non-banking organizations and they are becoming a central function of the modern economy. We are looking for applications that improve upon the digital payment experience for customers in Pakistan given its unique economic and geographically diverse landscape.


Blockchain technology has vast potential to change the landscape of banking and consumer finance.  Although this technology is in a fairly nascent stage, the list of institutions investing in its applications is very impressive.  These applications impact many aspects of a banks on-going operations – both customer and non-customer facing.  We are looking for applications which extend the attributes of blockchain into the Financial Services world.  Any applications that make use of the blockchain system or further build on it for financial use cases will be eligible.

Mobile Banking Applications

Mobile-phone based internet usage in Pakistan has surpassed 40% – meaning at least 4 out of every 10 web pages viewed in the country are done through a smart phone. With the prevalence of smart phone subscriptions in the country, consumer preference is shifting focus onto the smart phone application.  By embracing the mobile internet world, banks hope to be present for the customer where ever required.  As such, we are looking for innovative solutions that enhance a customer’s mobile-based banking experience.  Submissions should focus on improving customer experience, making banking more secure, accessible and user friendly.

To apply please download the application form available here and send in your nomination at awards@pasha.org.pk